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Life is Better with a Dog

March 24, 2018

Never underestimate the Power of a Sloppy Kiss and a Wet Nose. ?

There are people, who clearly don’t like dogs. You see them time after time on the streets. When you come closer walking your dog, they change streets or grouch something incomprehensible. I fully understand, if one has a fur allergy or is afraid of dogs, etc. But there are also people, who are really mean to dogs. And this is something, I really don’t get …

A Dog adds so much Happiness and Joy to your Life, one should definitely be thankful for! So clearly these people, I mentioned above, are missing out on something very valuable in Life. As Immanuel Kant already said: ‘You can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.

So this is kind of an Ode to my Dog Keix and to let you Guys know all the Benefits of having a Dog in your Life.

No one loves you more than your Dog and your Mom of course. ?

This is so true! Their Love is unconditional. I promise you, it warms your heart each day you open the door and see how your dog is wagging with it’s tail and it can’t wait to enjoy the next hours with you. Having a dog will bless you with the happiest days of your life.

When times get rough, hug a dog.

Dogs feel immediately, how the mood of their Humans currently is. They sense it as soon as you open that door! In bad times, you just need the nearess of your dog and with it’s positive attitude it inspires you.

Home is where my Dog is.

Dogs are great family members, cause you can take them with you – on travels, outdoor tours, even to work (in some places). And they even expect it from you and demand it. They love being with their humans, as you are all to them!

The Best Friend, you’ll ever have.

A dog is a loyal, loving companion, who cares for you more than for itself. Therefore also always be loyal to your dog and cherish the moments together.

They make your heart sing.

Dogs are extremely positive animals, they share loads of good karma with you, when spending time with them. As long as you go on adventures together and make great memories, they’re the best companions, one can imagine.

Dogs inspire you.

Humans can learn a lot from dogs. E.g. not to take life and oneself to serious. They know, what’s really important in Life: Food, Love and Health.

They make you healthier.

From the inside and from the outside. Dogs mend your heart and make you fit. Whether you want or not, you’ll have to take at least two to three short walks each day with your dog. This makes you get out of your comfort zone and be active and sporty.

Dogs are the Best Listeners. 

As long as you cuddle them or pet them while talking, all is good. ?


Therefore never forget to:

  1. Always kiss your Dog Goodnight.
  2. Dogs always see THE BEST in you. Therefore BE THE PERSON, YOUR DOG THINKS YOU ARE.


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